A bit of history

Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) was not the first project in its kind. Around the year 2000 there were two major Open Source Linux Disaster Recovery projects available:

  • Make CD-ROM Recovery (mkcdrec) - first released in November 2000 by Gratien D'haese who was the only author. In 2012 Gratien officially stopped working on mkCDrec as he spent all his time on developing ReaR.
  • Mondo Rescue - first released somewere in 1999 (need to verify this) by Hugo Rabson who was the original author, but afterwards the lead was taken over by Bruno Cornec (and he still is up to today).

The Linux Disaster Recovery project mkCDrec underwent a complete rewrite by Gratien D'haese and Schlomo Shapiro in 2006 and as such Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) was born.

Rear 1.7.25 (mid 2010) was the real break through for ReaR as the amount of downloads went sky high since SuSe added it to its HA portfololio. A few years later Rear 1.17.2 (mid 2015) was added to the core of RedHat RHEL portofolio as well. Since then we have no clue anymore how many people are using ReaR on a daily basis (or weekly) as SLES and RHEL have there own branches of ReaR in their distro's.

When I remember other funny things I will add it to this history page.