#103 Issue closed: Location of ISO file and log files

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dagwieers opened issue at 2012-06-07 13:26:

While Rear always used /tmp for almost everything it does, the practice is probably against what users would expect. Although I don't know what the best alternative should be. We need to discuss this.

ISO file location:

  • $(pwd)
  • /var/lib/rear/
  • /tmp

Log file location:

  • $(pwd)
  • /var/log/rear/
  • /var/log
  • /tmp

schlomo commented at 2012-06-07 13:30:

I am in favour of using dedicated paths that ReaR (rpm, deb) controls

  • /var/lib/rear/output for the result of OUTPUT
  • /var/log/rear for log files with a suitable log rotation/deletion rule so
    that one can safely use ReaR in a cron job.

That way removing the ReaR package can also remove the content of these


gdha commented at 2012-06-08 12:57:

For RHEL/Fedora (fhs-2.3) the following location are fine:
ISO location : /var/lib/rear/output/
Log location: /var/log/rear/

I guess as FHS rules apply the other OSes fine too.

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