#140 PR closed: Smaller changes in Makefiles as preperation for Debian packaging

Labels: cleanup

thumm opened issue at 2012-07-31 16:59:

In the Debian rules file the make target "install" is used to produce a clear installation for creating the package. This changes ensure a clean installation.

thumm commented at 2012-08-01 15:22:

Ok, removed distribution specific parts from pull request

dagwieers commented at 2012-08-24 15:28:

@thumm I am sorry I didn't follow up on this one. Can you merge this branch with the master tree and request a new pull ? I could do it by hand myself, but that wouldn't reflect well on this pull-request and would credit me for the initial work. Sorry for that...

thumm commented at 2012-08-28 07:08:

No problem, I'll send you a new pull request

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