#226 Issue closed: error during layout creation

Labels: bug

wdpoorte opened issue at 2013-04-12 12:46:

During the layout creation, I get an error (see https://gist.github.com/wdpoorte/8b203c8cd6c203ddc6da)

I could fix this by modifying /usr/share/rear/layout/prepare/GNU/Linux/10_include_partition_code.sh using the following command:

sed -i -e "/^parted /asleep 1" /usr/share/rear/layout/prepare/GNU/Linux/10_include_partition_code.sh

I can create a pull sequest if necessary and am wondering if is still needed to have the sleep 10 in the code when the sleeps are added.

gdha commented at 2013-05-07 12:27:

ok will look into it

dagwieers commented at 2013-06-07 17:12:

The current sleep entries in Relax-and-Recover are quite liberal. Depending on the type of hardware the sleep time may be less or maybe even more. I think we used a sleep 10 because we thought it would fit all cases, but YMMV :-/

Our opinion at the time was that we needed a better way to make sure the device/partition was ready, however we did not find such a method that worked in all cases. (e.g. polling udev would be nice)

But then again we would have to be testing this for different kind of hardware and cases and that's something we don't have the infrastructure/resources for.

Wrt. your patch, I am not sure whether doing a sleep 1 after each parted call is needed or wanted. I would prefer to add it only to those places where it is known to be needed.

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