#432 Issue closed: Rear lftp+cfg2html

tyl0re opened issue at 2014-06-25 14:53:

Version 1.16
Server: SLES11 Sp3
Presinstalled: cfg2html

In /usr/share/rear/output/default/95_copy_result_files.sh
lftp -c "open $OUTPUT_URL; mput ${RESULT_FILES[@]}"

Seems to execute

lftp -c 'open http://Server/call; mput 1.html' 1.iso
that results in Command not found

Somehow bash mask wrong ' when giving him an array

Same Error Can be produced with an shell script:

!/bin/bash -x

export OUTPUT_URL="http://SERVER1/upload/"
RESULT_FILES=( "/var/lib/rear/recovery/cfg2html/SERVER1.html" "/var/lib/rear/output/rear-SERVER2.iso" )

lftp -c "open $OUTPUT_URL; mput "${RESULT_FILES[@]}""

X=echo "${RESULT_FILES[@]}"
lftp -c "open $OUTPUT_URL; mput $X"

When de installing cfg2html, it works since the array has only one entry

[Export of Github issue for rear/rear.]