#463 Issue closed: Mounting of NFS share fails at the time of recovering Ubuntu_12.04_x64 VM to physical system

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pramodbiradar89 opened issue at 2014-09-22 08:07:

1.Took backup of VM through rear by using NFS share.
2.created boot-able USB using iso.
3.On physical machine started recovery through rear.
4.on rear shell got error "Message: Mount command 'mount -v -t nfs -o rw,noatime /tmp/rear.BTQ14pIsHuKqdsy/outputfs' failed."

  1. After making changes in /usr/share/rear/lib/global-functions.sh it got worked.

pramodbiradar89 commented at 2014-09-22 08:10:

Attached two files before & after


Please find the difference in code.& after that you can check in .

Please let me know anything more details needs to be shared,

gdha commented at 2014-09-22 09:33:

So basically the diff is:

<     local defaultoptions="rw,noatime,nolock"
>     local defaultoptions="rw,noatime"

the nolock is probably required for you as the NFS server is version 4, right? I think it would be better if we would foresee NFSv4 capabilities in rear itself instead of sating by default NFSv3 or v2.
We had already similar issues around this topic (issue #158)

pramodbiradar89 commented at 2014-09-23 10:17:

@gdha Yes.NFS version is 4.

Also when tried to recover virtual machine which was having static ip on to physical machine having DHCP domain.

So here the issue o observed is:

1.when i started recovery , rear shell generally dont assigns IP to machine or it will take the VM machine IP as it is.
2 Now here it should get automatic DHCP IP through DHCP server where it does in other OS platform like RHEL .

3.But in case of Ubuntu12.04_x64 ,it doesn't take IP.

So to tackle this i executed dhclient interface (still machine dint get DHCP IP) &
then tried to assign IP by using ifconfig interface
then it got assigned a DHCP IP to that machine so i think here REAR is failing to take DHCP IP automatically.

Please update your comments.

gdha commented at 2014-12-02 09:19:

NFSv4 support should be added in rear-1.18

gdha commented at 2016-02-09 13:51:

See also http://pikachu.3ti.be/pipermail/rear-users/2016-February/003290.html for the dhclient issue

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