#528 Issue closed: Issue with Rear Restore/Restore with TSM .

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bibssun opened issue at 2015-01-17 20:20:

Able to take an OS backup with rear/TSM . When trying to recover there are two issues we have discovered .

  1. If we do an Automatic restore , it restores OS + NON-OS related OS .

  2. If we select Manual Restore , we are able to restore OS image and OS based file systems only , but it it does not create directories/mountpoints for other NON-OS based filesystems.

gdha commented at 2015-01-18 09:40:

To be able to give some support on this issue I need script debug log sessions (option -D) with manual recover. E.g. rear -v -D recover

To debug the auto recover you probably need to edit the file ./usr/share/rear/skel/default/etc/scripts/system-setup and add -D after the line rear recover -v (on the production system and remake the ISO image to have this active).

kvanopdorp commented at 2015-01-20 23:48:

I have a somewhat simple fix for both of these issues that I will commit and submit a pull request for.

kvanopdorp commented at 2015-01-21 20:32:

As you can see, I created a pull request with my modification. There might be a better way to determine included and excluded filesystems from the rescue image but that is what seemed most logical to me. I tested it on RHEL6 and TSM version 6. I don't think there would be any OS specific catches but that is what I had available to test.

gdha commented at 2015-02-16 18:37:

added to the release notes so we can close this issue

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