#600 Issue closed: debian jessie: prep/default/50_guess_bootloader.sh fails silently if strings is not installed

Labels: bug

abbbi opened issue at 2015-06-12 10:22:

on my newly installed debian jessie system binutils is not within the standard installation for a ssh server only. As such strings is missing from the system. If so, you will not the following error message during mkrescue:

2015-06-12 12:16:10 Including prep/default/50_guess_bootloader.sh
/var/opt/sesam/var/lib/rear/usr/share/rear/prep/default/50_guess_bootloader.sh: line 15: strings: command not found

its the section where it tries to write the bootloader information. May not be critical but i think
it would be better to really fail out with a proper error message if the script is missing an

gdha commented at 2015-06-12 10:45:

@abbbi should bail out from the start now...

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