#621 Issue closed: restore a single file?

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firsttris opened issue at 2015-07-14 16:49:

is it possible to restore a single file from an iso by extracting or mounting?


gdha commented at 2015-07-15 06:58:

Does the ISO contains the archive as well or only the boot image? It depends of course. Do you use an external backup program?

firsttris commented at 2015-07-15 07:05:

ISO contains only backup/archive no boot image. No external Backup program

gdha commented at 2015-07-15 16:45:

@firsttris could you show the /etc/rear/local.conf file as I have no clue where you boot from?

firsttris commented at 2015-07-15 19:39:

sorry i explain in more detail:


if i run

rear mkbackuponly
(backup system without creating rescue media)

i get:

doc says:
Create a bootable ISO9660 image on disk as rear-$(hostname).iso

why do i get a .tar.gz?

from my understanding i have now created a image which contains my system drive.
usually if you get a iso file you can easily mount it if you do something like:
Is it now possible to mount or to unzip this --> backup.tar.gz "iso" while my system is running?
Is there a easy/quick way to access a file in this iso/container/image?

in partclone, clonezilla this was possible..

is my understand about the iso wrong?

the reason:

i currently have 2 backups for my system drive..disaster recovery with rear and full rsync of my system drive (in case a file is lost or destroyed).

regards & thx for your help

gdha commented at 2015-07-16 06:38:

what kind of device is BACKUP_URL=file:///media/4abdc695-ec9c-4fcf-ad8e-442c63dbc626/backup/img/?

  • mkbackonly will not create an ISO image to boot from
  • mkrescue only creates an ISO image and no tar archive
  • mkbackup does both

gdha commented at 2015-08-06 11:39:

@firsttris was your question answered? Or, do you need more feedback from us?

firsttris commented at 2015-08-06 11:40:


thanks for your reply!


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