#654 Issue closed: Wrote ISO image: Saving result files with NSR

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yunsr opened issue at 2015-09-17 09:00:

HI, i have updated Relax-and-Recover to 1.17.2 vers. OS SlES 11sp3.
When i make rear -v mkrescue and rear saving ".iso" file to NSR, backup job freezes on networker side and wait for writeable tape in NSR pool which i didn't specify in /etc/rear/local.conf.
ONLY_INCLUDE_VG=( "system" )

So it must be saved to TSTSYSBOOT00 but rear saved to another. Why rear did incorrect choose? How i can definitely set pool name for ".iso" save and pool which will use for recovery data?


tomglx commented at 2015-09-18 06:40:

Please see issue: NSR POOLNAME variable #640
I've made a patch that supports exactly that. Last Posting

yunsr commented at 2015-09-18 07:10:

thnx tomgix! your patch solved this problem. Option 'NSR_POOL_NAME' works now!

gdha commented at 2015-09-19 09:31:

I've applied the patch @tomglx suggested. I assume we can close this issue, right?

tomglx commented at 2015-09-19 13:23:

OK with me, but yunsr has last say.

yunsr commented at 2015-09-21 06:43:

ok with me too, this issue can be closed

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