#854 PR merged: Resolve Issue 851: Fix problem with UUIDs on Fedora by using mkfs to …

Labels: enhancement

exedor opened issue at 2016-05-30 19:16:

…set them instead of tune2fs.

I'm still not entirely sure why this the case, but there must be a bug in the filesystem utilities or maybe filesystem changes are cached and not committed to disk before initrd is created. For some reason when mkfs and tune2fs are used separately to retain the original filesystem UUIDs the initrd created at the end of the restore remembers and retains the original incorrect and temporary UUIDs generated by the call to mkfs...at least it does on Fedora Core 21 and maybe later resulting in a failure to boot after restore due to dracut failing to locate the filesystem with the incorrect UUIDs. This pull request avoids the use of temporary UUIDs by having mkfs use the original UUIDs directly when they are present. I've tested it and it does in fact fix the issue in a way that should not break other platforms.

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