#864 Issue closed: SLES12: /var/lib/empty is missing, SSHD does not start

Labels: won't fix / can't fix / obsolete

abbbi opened issue at 2016-06-06 11:31:

  • rear version (/usr/sbin/rear -V): 1.18
  • OS version (cat /etc/rear/os.conf or lsb_release -a): SLES12 SP1

by default on SLES12 sshd daemon does not start during recovery because


is missing (/sbin/sshd will complain)
Simply creating the directory fixes this problem. Probably directory should be included during
mkrescue run.

jsmeix commented at 2016-06-06 12:26:

It never happened for me.

On all my test systems (in particular on SLE12-SP1)
I have in /etc/rear/local.conf something like


and ssh access to the rear recovery system
always "just worked" for me.


Do you have a non-default ssh configuration?

Does in /etc/rear/local.conf something like

COPY_AS_IS=( "${COPY_AS_IS[@]}" /var/lib/empty )

also fix it for you?

abbbi commented at 2016-06-06 12:28:

we have set a custom password in local.conf:


besides that i used:

COPY_AS_IS=( "${COPY_AS_IS[@]}" /var/lib/empty )

to fix the problem!

gdha commented at 2016-06-08 11:54:

@abbbi I've checked our skel tree and skel/default/var/lib/empty does exist, therefore, it should always be present in a rescue environment. I just check a rescue image and /var/lib/empty directory was there. Are you really sure this directory was the issue?

gdha commented at 2016-07-07 16:36:

@jsmeix If you could verify on a rescue environment (any SLES I guess) that directoru /var/lib/empty is there by default?

gdha commented at 2016-09-05 06:52:

Verified it several times and /var/lib/empty is always present in the rescue image. No need to add it to the COPY_AS_IS array

jsmeix commented at 2016-09-15 14:14:

Regarding https://github.com/rear/rear/issues/864#issuecomment-231135110
see my https://github.com/rear/rear/issues/864#issuecomment-223944174
i.e. it never happened for me and on all my test systems I had
a /var/lib/empty/ directory in the recovery system e.g right now
on SLES12-SP2:

RESCUE d245:~ # ls -ld /var/lib/empty/
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 0 Aug 17 13:49 /var/lib/empty/

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