#990 Issue closed: How to recover serverafter rear backup is moved to a different location

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dheeraj86mathur opened issue at 2016-08-30 06:07:

Relax-and-Recover (rear) Issue Template

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  • rear version (/usr/sbin/rear -V): 1.18
  • OS version (cat /etc/rear/os.conf or lsb_release -a): RHEL 6.7
  • rear configuration files (cat /etc/rear/site.conf or cat /etc/rear/local.conf):
    BACKUP_PROG_EXCLUDE=("${BACKUP_PROG_EXCLUDE[@]}" '/mnt' '/media' '/var/crash')
  • Brief description of the issue
    I got rear generated on local FS /var/rear and then copied it to a NFS server manually, as the server is behind firewall. Now when I boot the server with rear iso recovery, how do I specify path for NFS share(new location of rear) when I am at relax-and-recover menu.
  • Work-around, if any

gdha commented at 2016-09-01 08:53:

Just edit the local.conf file and change the variable content of BACKUP_URL to the new location. Hopefully, you are not missing any NFS related executables (as these may not be copied during mkbackup phase as it was not required). You can try and verify it...

dheeraj86mathur commented at 2016-09-02 01:36:

I think I did not clarified issue properly. Server is behind firewall. NFS will not work. So, I have intentionally used BACKUP_URL=file:/// option in local.conf. Now, I have rear generated on local FS, and I have copied it on a jumphost for this firewalled server. If I boot the server with rear-server.iso file generated with rear mkbackup, It tries to recover from BACKUP_URL=file:///localdirectorypath, which it cannot access at time of recovery. So, now how can modify this parameter (after rear is already generated and server is waiting to recovered), when I have changed the location of my rear backup.

gdha commented at 2016-09-02 14:40:

@dheeraj86mathur well guess you answered your own question. Just change the BACKUP_URL to the new location before starting rear -v recover will do the trick

dheeraj86mathur commented at 2016-09-04 11:45:

That brings in my exact question, where can I modify BACKUP_URL to new location, because start rear -v recover ?? I cant modify local.conf now, as the server is already down. Even if i could modify local.conf, it will not update the existing rear backup and iso, which I have already generated. One option is to mount iso file in rw mode and then modify BACKUP_URL value in isolinux.cfg .... But will it work, I havent tried this yet and want to know if that is correct method ..

gdha commented at 2016-09-05 06:33:

@dheeraj86mathur The complete rear environment is still available in the rescue image. Just edit /etc/rear/local.conf and you are ready for the recover ;-)

jsmeix commented at 2016-09-21 13:54:

As far as I understand it the issue is sufficiently answered
so that I close it, if needed it can be reopened.

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