#1322 PR merged: Add yaboot.conf to the list of file for disk migration.

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schabrolles opened issue at 2017-04-21 06:54:

yaboot.conf is used by RHEL < 7 in POWER system.

Like lilo.conf, the variable boot= must be updated in case of disk migration.

We should also add lilo.conf & yaboot.conf files to CHECK_CONFIG_FILES. What do you think ?

schabrolles commented at 2017-04-21 12:56:

@jsmeix Do I have to update CHECK_CONFIG_FILES directly in conf/default.conf ?

jsmeix commented at 2017-04-24 10:02:

I think technically you could add lilo.conf and yaboot.conf files
to CHECK_CONFIG_FILES directly in default.conf
i.e. I think nothing should break if you do it this way.

But I think it would be cleaner code to add specific files
to CHECK_CONFIG_FILES via a specific script
only when really needed.

I.e. I would prefer to add PPC architecture-specific files
to CHECK_CONFIG_FILES via a PPC specific script.

In general see for example
how specific files can be added to CHECK_CONFIG_FILES.

Interestingly layout/save/default/450_check_bootloader_files.sh
already contains (excerpts):

case $used_bootloader in
        CHECK_CONFIG_FILES=( ${CHECK_CONFIG_FILES[@]} /etc/lilo.conf /etc/yaboot.conf)

which seems to already do that.

does layout/save/default/450_check_bootloader_files.sh
perhaps not work in practice for you?

schabrolles commented at 2017-04-24 10:28:

@jsmeix Ok for me...
The only thing is :
(PPC) bootloader could be :

  • lilo => SLES < 12
  • yaboot => RHEL < 7
  • grub2 => Ubuntu, RHEL >= 7, SLES >=12

So, We may be need to update this script with :

case $used_bootloader in
        CHECK_CONFIG_FILES=( ${CHECK_CONFIG_FILES[@]} /etc/lilo.conf /etc/yaboot.conf /etc/grub.cfg /etc/grub2.cfg /boot/grub2/grub2.cfg /boot/grub/grub.cfg)

jsmeix commented at 2017-04-24 10:35:

could you update
plus a comment that explains why for PPC so many different
bootloader config files are added to CHECK_CONFIG_FILES
so that later also others understand the reason behind the code.

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