#1343 PR merged: Do not save RESULT_FILES via TSM if TSM_RESULT_SAVE is false or PXE_TFTP_URL is defined.

Labels: bug, cleanup, fixed / solved / done

schabrolles opened issue at 2017-05-03 16:14:

Should fix #1342

  • No need to copy files if TSM_RESULT_SAVE is false
  • When $PXE_TFTP_URL is defined, results files are deleted by
    800_copy_to_tftp.sh ... So it produce an Error "No files to copy (RESULT_FILES is empty)"

jsmeix commented at 2017-05-04 09:13:

Regarding clean up of

if [[ "$TSM_RESULT_SAVE" = "n" ]]; then

in 950_dsmc_save_result_files.sh
I wonder what the actual meaning of that condition is?
Strictly reading the code it is

if is_false $TSM_RESULT_SAVE ; then

but actually the meaning could be

if ! is_true $TSM_RESULT_SAVE ; then

it depends on what the fallback behaviour should be

as it seems you work with TSM, it is your decision
what fallback behaviour should be in ReaR
in case of BACKUP=TSM

In general regarding TSM support in ReaR
you may also have a look at

jsmeix commented at 2017-05-04 09:21:

if it is o.k. from your side I would "just merge" it.

schabrolles commented at 2017-05-04 09:29:

Looks good to me, I agree with your last message, but the default setting is TSM_RESULT_SAVE=y and I think it is better if skip the RESULT_SAVE when the user explicitly ask to NOT save it ...

gdha commented at 2017-05-04 09:37:

@schabrolles @jsmeix See also issues #634 and #734 for the discussions in there. Might be wishful thinking?

jsmeix commented at 2017-05-04 09:50:

thanks to mention that OUTPUT_URL=null
is a related topic.
I don't think it is wishful thinking.
But I think in general support for third party tools
(in particular third party backup software)
needs sponsorship because third party tool issues
can only be implemented by someone who actually
uses and tests ReaR with a particular third party tool.
As long as the support for third party tools
is considered "sufficient" by its users
it is o.k. as is ;-)

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