#1605 PR merged: Reworked implementation to support ancient releases (e.g. RHEL6)

Labels: bug, cleanup, fixed / solved / done

rmetrich opened issue at 2017-11-29 10:50:

  • Adapt search for lower interfaces when no 'lower_*' symlink exists (RHEL6)
  • Replace 'readlink -f' by 'readlink -e'
  • Use 'brctl' when 'ip link' doesn't support 'bridge' type (RHEL6)
  • Use function 'resolve' to wrap 'readlink' when it doesn't support more than 1 filename (RHEL6)

jsmeix commented at 2017-11-29 15:29:

only FYI:
Basically the same adaptions are needed for older SLES versions
so that I thank you very much for this fix that keeps ReaR 2.3
also working on older SLES versions.
In particular my simple networking setup still works on SLES11
with this pull request (but I did not test SLES10).

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