#1900 PR closed: travis: add tests for linux-ppc64le

Labels: enhancement, won't fix / can't fix / obsolete

ayushdewan opened issue at 2018-08-15 19:05:

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  • Type: New Feature

  • Impact: Low

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The Travis-CI job on linux-ppc64le succeeded.

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linux-ppc64le was added to the list of OSs in .travis.yml to support future tests for IBM Power.

jsmeix commented at 2018-08-16 08:15:

many thanks for your general attempt to enhance the current
automated ReaR testing also for the POWER architecture.

In particular regarding POWER specific issues
@schabrolles is our ReaR upstream expert.

In particular regarding automated ReaR testing
@gdha is our ReaR upstream expert, see in particular his

Regarding this particular pull request:

The current code for the validate target in Makefile
basically only calls bash -n for usr/sbin/rear and all ReaR scripts
and the ReaR config files (i.e. all what gets sourced) via (excerpt)

        find etc/ usr/share/rear/conf/ -name '*.conf' | xargs -n 1 bash -n
        bash -n $(rearbin)
        find . -name '*.sh' | xargs -n 1 bash -O extglob -O nullglob -n

i.e. curently the validate target only validates plain bash syntax
but there is not any kind of functional validation (nothing is actually run).

Accordingly I would assume that validating the plain bash syntax
is currently sufficient for one single os = linux in .travis.yml
so that I wonder what the actual benefit of this pull request is
that would validate the plain bash syntax additionally for
os = linux-ppc64le.

could you explain what your goal behind this pull request is
and/or what I perhaps misunderstand?

ayushdewan commented at 2018-08-16 15:39:

My goal for this pull request was just to make sure that new versions of the repository still support builds on Power but it seems like it will regardless of whether its specified in the .travis.yml.

schabrolles commented at 2018-08-17 07:22:

I never had any problem "building" rear on POWER. As it is based on Shell script, I'm not sure we need something special to make it work on POWER. IMHO, Most of the specificities of POWER arch must be handled inside the current ReaR code.

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