#1918 PR merged: Added default value (0) for crc variable (XFS).

Labels: fixed / solved / done, minor bug

gozora opened issue at 2018-09-24 19:11:

Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) Pull Request Template

Please fill in the following items before submitting a new pull request:

Pull Request Details:
  • Type: Bug Fix

  • Impact: Low

  • Reference to related issue (URL): https://github.com/rear/rear/issues/1915

  • How was this pull request tested?
    Full backup restore of:
    Centos6 (xfsprogs-3.1)
    Fedora26 (xfsprogs-4.10)

  • Brief description of the changes in this pull request:

This patch will help to avoid messages like:
"[: -eq: unary operator expected" when using with older versions of xfsprogs.

jsmeix commented at 2018-09-25 14:18:

can I "just merge" it or do you like to test even more?

gozora commented at 2018-09-25 16:51:

You can merge it if you like ;-).


jsmeix commented at 2018-09-26 08:03:

thank you for the prompt fix and your testing!

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