#2251 PR merged: Accommodate logs from multiple FDR/Upstream services. Improve logging.

Labels: enhancement, fixed / solved / done, external tool

rowens275 opened issue at 2019-10-11 17:34:

  • Type: Bug Fix / Enhancement

  • Impact: Normal

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Tested on CentOS 7, running 7 FDR/Upstream services. Temporarily set $countmax=3 to verify that the infinite loop detection works properly.

  • Brief description of the changes in this pull request:

Users may run multiple FDR/Upstream services on a single machine. This code change allows ReaR to copy FDR/Upstream logs from the recovery environment to the restored system for all running services. Previously the code was expecting to find only one set of logs and reports in the FDR/Upstream installation directory. For several years now, logs and reports have been stored in a new location ($FDRUPSTREAM_DATA_PATH), so we check here instead.

jsmeix commented at 2019-10-14 10:03:

thank you for your enhancement for BACKUP=FDRUPSTREAM.

In general regarding BACKUP=FDRUPSTREAM:
There is nothing at all what I could do in case of issues
with third-party backup tools or any other third-party software
because I do not have such software on my test systems
so that I can neither test nor reproduce anything.
But I can help with generic bash scripting issues.

According to the output of

git log -p --follow usr/share/rear/restore/FDRUPSTREAM/default/260_copy_log_and_report.sh

you @rowens275 have been the original author of
so I think we at ReaR upstream could "just accept" this pull request
except one notices a generic issue with that changes.

jsmeix commented at 2019-11-07 09:51:

When there is no second review from another ReaR maintainer
I will "just merge" it tomorrow afternoon.

rowens275 commented at 2019-11-08 16:15:

I made the recommended change to check if SERVICENAME is empty.

jsmeix commented at 2019-11-13 09:28:

When there is no objection from another ReaR maintainer
I would like to merge it today afternoon.

jsmeix commented at 2019-11-14 12:50:

thank you for your continuous adaptions and
improvements of the FDR/Upstream support in ReaR.

rowens275 commented at 2019-11-14 14:18:

Thanks for walking me through some of this stuff!

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