#2317 PR merged: Update 010_merge_skeletons.sh

Labels: enhancement, cleanup, fixed / solved / done

jsmeix opened issue at 2020-01-20 10:53:

Overhauled rescue/default/010_merge_skeletons.sh
triggered by https://github.com/rear/rear/issues/2307

Works much better for me with my tests.

  • Brief description of the changes in this pull request:

Make rescue/default/010_merge_skeletons.sh
behave more reliably and more fail safe.

Now it errors out when things really went wrong.

Now is is also supported that both a $skel_dir directory
(e.g. usr/share/rear/skel/default/) plus a $skel_dir.tar.gz
(e.g. usr/share/rear/skel/default.tar.gz) exist
and then both get copied into the recovery system,
first the directory and then the tar.gz so that via the tar.gz
existing files could be overwritten if needed.

jsmeix commented at 2020-01-20 13:08:

if you like you may have a look here
at my overhauled rescue/default/010_merge_skeletons.sh
which behaves much better for my tests.

jsmeix commented at 2020-01-21 13:56:

if you do not object I would like to merge it tomorrow.

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