#2390 PR merged: No longer load video_bochs and video_cirrus by the create_grub2_cfg function

Labels: bug, fixed / solved / done

jsmeix opened issue at 2020-05-07 14:40:

In the create_grub2_cfg function in usr/share/rear/lib/bootloader-functions.sh
that is used in case of UEFI to set up GRUB2 as bootloader for the recovery system
do no longer let GRUB2 load the modules video_bochs and video_cirrus
because those are not available as GRUB2 modules in case of UEFI (x86_64-efi)
and the generic insmod all_video that is still there should be sufficient for GRUB2
cf. https://github.com/rear/rear/issues/2388#issuecomment-625105141

jsmeix commented at 2020-05-07 14:44:

When there are no objections
I would like to merge it tomorrow evening.

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