#2396 PR merged: Safeguard prep/USB//350_safeguard_error_out.sh scripts (issue 2348)

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jsmeix opened issue at 2020-05-12 10:34:

  • Type: Enhancement

  • Impact: High
    High impact on POWER architecture to avoid false usage.

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    Cannot be tested by me because I do not have a POWER system.

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New prep/USB/<non-i386-arch>/350_safeguard_error_out.sh
safeguard scripts to let "rear mkrescue/mkbackup" error out
in case of false usage of OUTPUT=USB on non PC-compatible
(non-i386/x86/x86_64) architectures because with OUTPUT=USB
on those architectures the USB medium cannot be booted
(for those architectures there are no scripts that install a bootloader)
so OUTPUT=USB on those architectures does not provide
what the user expects (cf. the "OUTPUT=USB" section
in default.conf what the expected behaviour is)

jsmeix commented at 2020-05-12 15:31:

I will sleep over it and if there are no objections I would like
to merge it tomorrow afternoon.

jsmeix commented at 2020-05-12 15:41:

42 lines of comments for one line of actual code
might be even a new all-time record ? ;-)

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