#2641 PR merged: NSR - Enhancement with a new parameter and the ability of a point-in-time recovery.

Labels: enhancement, fixed / solved / done

hpannenb opened issue at 2021-06-30 10:12:

Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) Pull Request Template

Please fill in the following items before submitting a new pull request:

Pull Request Details:
  • Type: Enhancement

  • Impact: Low

  • Reference to related issue (URL): -

  • How was this pull request tested?
    I tested the pull request on a RHEL7.9 based HPE DL 360 Gen10 with integration to a central EMC Networker 8.4.2 based backup/restore environment (in our company).

  • Brief description of the changes in this pull request:

  • A new parameter/variable NSR_CLIENT_REQUESTRESTORE for the BACKUP=NSR workflow has been introduced to deal with situations in which the NSR client is allowed/granted to perform its recovery action "on its own" but does not have full control of the EMC networker service/environment. Details are commented in the default.conf section accordingly.

  • With this enhancement it is possible to perform a point-in-time recovery with EMC Networker client.

jsmeix commented at 2021-07-01 07:00:

if there are no objections I would like to merge it tomorrow afternoon.

if time permits could you have a look at the above nsrwatch issue

jsmeix commented at 2021-07-02 11:32:

many thanks for your continuous adaptions and enhancements for ReaR
in particular for the BACKUP=NSR workflow in ReaR!

Contributions for third-party backup tool support in ReaR
are much appreciated because we at ReaR upstream
usually do not have those third-party backup tools
so we totally depend on contributions from users
who use and know about the third-party backup tools.

I wish you a relaxed and recovering weekend!

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