#2747 PR merged: Removed need for /usr/lib64

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DamaniN opened issue at 2022-01-25 08:54:

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Deployed a RHEL 7.9 system on vSphere, ran rear mkrescue with no errors. Performed BMR on using the created ISO image on a 2nd empty vSphere VM and was able to recover the original system successfully.

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Removed the need to include /usr/lib64 with the Rubrik CDM image. Rubrik CDM v6 and higher does not seem to need the libraries in this directory anymore. This will also reduce the image size when CDM is being used and fix boot problems due to an image that is too large.

jsmeix commented at 2022-01-25 10:13:

in general regarding explicitly adding libraries to the recovery system see

As far as I understand it only libraries that are loaded via dlopen
should be needed to be explicitly listed in LIBS
because all other libraries (i.e. "normally" linked libraries)
should get automatically included in the recovery sytem
according to what I described in

So I think in general adding the whole /usr/lib64/ to the recovery system
should never be needed.

E.g. on my openSUSE Leap 15.3 system with its default Gnome
/usr/lib64/ contains more than 20000 regular files
and needs more than 3GiB disk space

# find /usr/lib64 -type f | wc -l

# du -hs /usr/lib64
3.1G    /usr/lib64

jsmeix commented at 2022-01-25 10:15:

I would appreciate a second review by one of you as time permits.

pcahyna commented at 2022-01-25 11:05:

I am not a CDM user, so I can't comment on CDM functionality and the impact of the change on it, but including the whole /usr/lib64 has always looked as a bad idea to me (it produces very large rescue images with stuff like e.g. Firefox included), so I will be glad to see it removed.

jsmeix commented at 2022-01-25 14:45:

When there are no objections I would merge it tomorrow afternoon.

jsmeix commented at 2022-01-26 13:09:

thank you for your continuous fixes and improvements for BACKUP=CDM!

Contributions for special backup tool support in ReaR
are much appreciated because we at ReaR upstream
usually do not use those special backup tools
so we totally depend on contributions from users
who use and know about the special backup tools.

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