#2885 Issue closed: USB formatting is really slow

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ZENAdmin-Ops opened issue at 2022-11-02 03:46:

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    Ubuntu 22.04

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Same issue as described in issue

lusb - t
produces no output?

I would like to identify a way to improve the speed of the formatting.

Is there a quickformat option for instance?

With Windows you can select quickformat,
which does not scan the target disk for bad sectors
and is many times quicker than a "standard" format.

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    This is what I'm looking for.

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DEvil0000 commented at 2022-11-03 12:36:

this depends on:

  • the device and bus speed
  • the partition size
  • the filesystem used

for some filesystems there are parameters to speed this up but then it takes longer later when writing. so there is a tradeoff.
I am sure parameters can get tuned but this is normally not the step taking long. In my case about 20s for a 64GB usb stick.

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