#2934 PR merged: Adding all ReaR validations I got in the last 2 years

Labels: fixed / solved / done

schlomo opened issue at 2023-02-15 10:38:

We actually got some great feedback

gdha commented at 2023-02-15 10:48:

@schlomo I wonder if we still need to add this into our sources? This is something that should be part of the documentation.

schlomo commented at 2023-02-15 10:54:

The fact that these still come in shows me that it is still relevant. Also, the info is shown at the end of rear dump and I really like this immediate feedback to users with "somebody else was happy to use ReaR on your OS".

I'd see showing this on the ReaR homepage as an additional feature and we could automatically extract it from the source location here as part of the build process, but we would have to struggle with two repos and triggering GH workflow runs in the ReaR docs repo each time something changes in the validations... Not a big prio IMHO.

Finally, people submit it and I want to honor them and their efforts by publishing it. It was actually my lapse to not do so diligently and I'll go back to publish them as I receive them. This PR is therefore only about catching up.

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