#3155 PR open: Update finalize/SUSE_LINUX/i386/550_rebuild_initramfs.sh

Labels: enhancement, bug, cleanup

jsmeix opened issue at 2024-02-16 11:56:

  • Type: Bug Fix / Enhancement / Cleanup

  • Impact: High

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    Works well for me with SLES15-SP5

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Overhauled finalize/SUSE_LINUX/i386/550_rebuild_initramfs.sh

Now it uses dracut by default and mkinitrd as fallback
which fixes https://github.com/rear/rear/issues/3152
at least for me with SLES15-SP5.

Additionally improved the user messages
(in particular the warning messages)
to make it more clear that the point is
to decide if the recreated system will boot
with the initrd 'as is' from the backup restore.

Furthermore removed the whole INITRD_MODULES code
because INITRD_MODULES is not used and
/etc/sysconfig/kernel does no longer exist since SLES12 so the INITRD_MODULES code is dead code.

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