Community support

For voluntary community support, you can use the issue-tracker, the rear-users mailinglist or the chat channel.

Please visit the Development page for information on how to collaborate on the project and discuss issues.

We expect users to try the latest release, understand the basic concepts of Relax-and-Recover and provide us with as much detail as possible regarding the experienced problem(s) in order to quickly resolve user problems. The details we require may include:

Rest assured, the Relax-and-Recover developers do not like bugs either and are very grateful for reported issues and improvements, preferably with details.

If you like our work, and you are not seeking for professional support, then donations are gladly accepted as a token of appreciation.

We also foresee other means for sponsoring

Professional Support

If your company depends on Relax-and-Recover as a disaster recovery solution, we kindly ask you to support Relax-and-Recover development by taking a support contract, sponsor development or make use of consulting services offered by one of the contributors to the project:

The various contributors have invested a lot in the creation and support of Relax-and-Recover.

We can also deliver 24x7 support contracts if required, therefore, contact IT3 Consultants