Download Relax-and-Recover

The project announces new releases on the low-traffic rear-announce mailinglist.

Stable releases

The various stable releases are available as tar.gz files from the Sourceforge Downloads page.

Master branch snapshot

The latest development snapshot is available through the Github Download ZIP button.

All stable releases are available via the Github ReaR releases page.

Or you can get a private source copy through:

git clone git://

Distribution packages

Various distributions ship Relax-and-Recover as part of their distribution, albeit not always the latest stable release. Here is an overview:


dnf install rear


zypper install rear

RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux

ReaR is not part anymore of EPEL as it is now part of the distribution repositories.

yum install rear
dnf install rear


zypper install rear

OpenSUSE Build Service packages

If you are looking for newer stable release or snapshot release, take a look at our automated builds from the OpenSUSE Build Service:

Official stable releases

Since rear release 1.17.2 you will find the stable packages under the architecture directory, e.g. i586 or x86_64 instead of noarch. Previous release are still kept under the noarch sub-directory.

Snapshot releases from Git

Future releases

Future releases are planned and communicated through Github milestones